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Chemstrip® Test Strips

Say goodbye to vitamin C worries.*
Chemstrip® urine test strips let you test with confidence.

Vitamin C can interfere with urinalysis results.  At high concentrations in urine samples, vitamin C can produce false negative results-- particularly with regard to glucose or blood (hemoglobin).1

There’s a simple solution to help prevent false-negative blood and glucose results.  Chemstrip urine test strips—for visual analysis or for automated testing with the Urisys 1100® urine analyzer.  Only Chemstrip urine test strips let you say goodbye to vitamin C worries.  That’s because they’re designed with an iodate-impregnated mesh layer that oxidizes ascorbic acid and virtually eliminates the possibility for vitamin C interference.*   

Five reasons to choose Chemstrip urine test strips:2

  1. Help avoid the potentially costly consequences of missed diagnoses by virtually eliminating vitamin C interference on the glucose and blood pads.*
  2. Help avoid false negatives by detecting acetoacetic acid and acetone on the ketone reagent pad.
  3. Simplify and streamline testing- all reagent pads are read at one time, between one and two minutes after dipping.
  4. Promote safe and hygienic testing practice- fingers stay clear of specimen.
  5. Generate confidence in test result accuracy- Chemstrip construction ensures uniform liquid penetration and prevents run over onto adjacent pads.


Ordering Information

To purchase Chemstrip urine testing products, call Roche at 1-800-852-8766 or contact your local distributor.

For Roche Technical Support, call 1-800-428-4674. 



*See User Manual and package insert for details and specific claims.

1. Nagel D, Seiler D, Hohenberger EF, Ziegler M. Investigations of ascorbic acid interference in urine test strips. Clin. Lab. 2006; 52:149-153.

2. Chemstrip 10 MD Urine Test Strips package insert.  Indianapolis, IN.  Roche Diagnostics Corporation, 2010.

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