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CoaguChek® XS System

A smart way to test

The CoaguChek XS System uses exclusive technology to help ensure accurate results, and offers the flexibility and control that healthcare professionals need to confidently manage a wide range of anticoagulated patients.

Accurate and flexible technology

  • Accurate, precise results in about one minute
  • System performs onboard quality control and determines patient results in a single test chamber1
  • Neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and LMWH1
  • INR corrected for hematocrit within specified range - manage a broad array of patients with one device1

Easy and convenient to use

  • Small sample size (8μl) for easy dosing
  • Strip allows dosing from either top or side for simple blood application
  • 21-month strip shelf life from date of manufacture– no refrigeration needed
  • Outside meter blood application – minimizes potential for cross-contamination1
  • Small, battery-powered, handheld meter for portability and efficiency
  • 300 test memory

Efficient and cost-effective

  • Onboard controls – no external QC necessary
  • Auto-on with strip insertion and auto-off capabilities
  • Testing, treatment and potential revenue capture in one appointment2
  • Fingerstick test that patients prefer3


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2. Campbell, P., Radensky, P., Denham, C. Economic analysis of systematic anticoagulation management vs. routine medical care for patients on oral warfarin therapy. Disease Management and Clinical Outcomes, December 2000.
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